National Days | August

National Days of the Year | August

August in Australia. We’re pretty over the cold at this point. But the snippets of summer aren’t far off and before we know it we’ll be longing for the cold again. August holds some wonderful national days: Picnic Day, Relaxation Day and ‘Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day’, which could be the strangest national day we’ve come across so far. Plus, one of Australia’s favourite and most respected actors (we love Noni!) was born in this month.

Our long list below contains all the days that matter in August!

National Days | August

All The Days is your authoritative source for commemorative, fun, unusual and national days around Australia. We create really interesting guides to national days that are inclusive, fun and relevant to Australia. We also list the school holidays and public holidays around the country by state, so you can be really savvy about planning ahead.

In addition, we continue to research new and existing national days that everyone can get around. Good for content creators and curious people, All The Days keeps you up to date on all the days of the year.

National Days and Days That Matter During August:

Days that vary in date each year will have the year next to them.

01 AugustPicnic Day
World Wide Web Day
World Lung Cancer Week
Psychic Day
01 August (2022)World Breastfeeding Week (WHO)
02 August Ice Cream Sandwich Day
03 AugustNautilus submarine travels under North Pole in 1958
Cloves Syndrome Awareness Dat
Great Southern Land” by Icehouse released this day in 1982
04 AugustAnne Frank captured in 1944
Assistance Dog Day
05 AugustMarilyn Monroe is found dead in 1962
Blogger Day
Oyster Day
06 AugustAmerican Bomber Drops Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima in 1945
International Sailor Moon Day
07 AugustJeans for Genes Day
Particularly Preposterous Packing Day
08 AugustInternational Cat Day
09 AugustInternational Day of the World’s Indigenous People
Book Lovers Day
10 August (2022)Ekka Wednesday (Public Holiday for Brisbane, QLD)
“Beds Are Burning” by Midnight Oil was released on this day in 1987
11 AugustSon and Daughter Day
12 AugustInternational Youth Day
Vinyl Record Day
Middle Child’s Day
13 AugustInternational Lefthanders Day
14 AugustTattoo Removal Day
15 AugustRelaxation Day
16 AugustNoni Hazlehurst is born 1953
17 AugustThrift Shop Day
18 AugustBad Poetry Day
19 August (2022)Borroloola Show Day (Public holiday for the region of Borroloola, NT)
International Orangutan Day
International Photography Day
World Humanitarian Day
20 AugustInternational Day of Medical Transporters
21 AugustInternational Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism
22 AugustInternational Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief
23 AugustInternational Day for the Remembrance of the Slave trade and its Abolition
24 AugustInternational Strange Music Day
25 AugustKiss and Make up Day
26 AugustWomens Equality Day
27 AugustInternational Bat Night
28 AugustDaffodil Day
Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day
29 AugustInternational Day Against Nuclear Tests
Chop Suey Day
30 AugustGrief Awareness Day
31 August International Day For People of African Descent

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