National Days January

National Days of the Year | January

January is mid-summer in Australia, and that means the country’s temperatures range from pleasant to blazing hot. There’s a few national public holidays, and if you’ve ever wondered when ‘Opposite Day’ actually is, well you’re in for a treat. Take a look at our long list of notable and national days in January…

National Days and Days That Matter During January in 2022:

National Days January
Days that vary in date each year will have the relevant year next to them.
01 JanuaryNew Year’s Day
The Native Title Act law was passed in 1993
02 JanuaryCombined oral contraceptive pills are first sold in Australia in 1962
03 JanuaryNew Year’s Day Public Holiday (2022)
Electric lighting was installed on Adelaide streets in 1900
04 JanuaryWorld Braille Day
A prison riot at Fremantle prison causes AUD$1.8 million damage on this day in 1988
05 JanuaryDavenport Cup
The Tasman Bridge disaster claims 12 lives on this day in 1975
06 JanuaryApple Tree Day
07 JanuaryBobblehead Day
08 JanuaryThe telephone was used for the first time in Australia in Melbourne on this day in 1878
09 JanuaryThe last convicts arrive in Western Australia on this day in 1868
10 JanuaryHouseplant Appreciation Day
11 JanuaryLearn Your Name in Morse Code Day
Poetry at Work Day (2022)
13 JanuaryVictoria experienced the Black Friday bushfires on this day in 1939
In 1939, Melbourne recorded its hottest temperature of 45.6 degrees Celsius
14 JanuaryInternational Kite Day
15 JanuaryStrawberry Ice Cream Day
16 JanuaryInternational Hot and Spicy Food Day
Australia’s first theatre opens in Sydney on this day in 1796
17 JanuaryDitch New Year’s Resolutions Day
18 JanuaryConstruction of The Ghan railway line starts in Port Augusta, South Australia on this day in 1878
On this day in 2003, the Canberra bushfires reach the city, killing four and destroying 400+ houses
19 January2JJ, the predecessor of youth radio Triple J, commenced broadcasting on this day in 1975
20 JanuaryInternational Pie Day
21 JanuaryRove McManus was born in 1974
22 JanuaryCelebration of Life Day
23 January‘I am Australian’ song released in 1987
24 JanuaryInternational Day of Education
25 JanuaryOpposite Day
26 JanuaryInvasion Day
The Tent Embassy was established in front of Parliament House, Canberra.
27 JanuaryHolocaust Remembrance Day
28 JanuaryInternational Lego Day
29 JanuaryFun at Work Day
30 JanuaryThe first cabinet meeting is held in Canberra at Yarralumla House on this day in 1924
31 JanuaryNauru declared independence from Australia on this day in 1968

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